You can make a difference. There are continual pressing needs for orphan and student sponsors, as well as donations to help with maintenance, food, teachers' salaries, health needs, etc.

NEHLM strives to send 100% of donations to the orphanage and school of Reverend Daniel Paul. 

Orphan Sponsorship 

For the monthly gift of $50, an orphan is provided with nutritious meals, housing, medical care, plus tuition for one month of school.  

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Student Sponsorship

For the monthly gift of $20, a student is provided with one month's tuition, some books,uniform fabric, school supplies, and a daily meal through Trinity/HOPE feeding program. 

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General Donations

Donate to general needs of the ministry. The needs of an orphanage and school in Haiti often are numerous and the priorities are ever-changing.  The Nord Est Haiti Lutheran Mission Board and Reverend Paul determine the priorities of pressing needs.  It is very helpful to have money that is not designated for a specific need.    Please feel free to contact us about current projects and priorities within the ministry.

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