Mission teams, individual missionaries, and liaisons play an important role in the ongoing support of Rev. Daniel Paul’s ministry in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Mission teams provide support to Reverend Paul, both in social and proclamation ministries. Individual missionaries serve in a special skills and/or training for the children, while a NEHLM liaison serves as a representative  of NEHLM to assist in communication and ministry efforts.  Teams will raise money and help with projects to help with the orphanage, church, school, living quarters, or other facility needs. The teams also participate in “Vacation Bible Schools” and church services.

Visitors to MADO in Ouanaminthe will be provided with an eye-opening experience as to what life is like in other parts of the world, especially third world countries. If you have not traveled to a third world country before, it will likely be a life changing experience. You will get to experience the real love of real people from a culture that thinks about life differently than you do. This will hopefully encourage you to “spread the Word” and increase support of this important mission, thus improving the lives of many people.

Testimony article from a recent mission team...

Two members of the recent mission team are nursing students from Pacific Lutheran University.  They were featured in a publication from the university.  Click here to read about there experience.   

If you or your church is interested in sending a short-term mission team or being a part of a team to MADO, please click here to send us a message.