NEHLM Officers and Volunteers

President: John Herbst

John and Marilyn Herbst live in La Grande, OR.  They are members of Faith Lutheran Church and became involved in the ministry in Haiti in 2005 helping with construction on the girl's orphanage and John was able to make another trip in 2009.  He has been Chairman of NEHLM since its inception.  They have 2 grown children and like to garden, remodel their old house and travel.


Vice President: Susie Rahn

Susie Rahn and her husband Dale live in Snohomish, Washington, and attend Lamb of God Lutheran Church. They became involved with the ministry in Haiti when it first began in 2003, and Dale went on the Lamb of God's second mission trip in 2005.  Susie has been NEHLM's vice chairperson since NEHLM was formed and has been on 2 mission trips to Haiti.  Dale and Susie have 3 grown children and spend their free time gardening, hiking, and traveling.

Treasurer: Jennie Yancey

Jennie Yancey joined NEHLM in 2008 as treasurer.  She was involved with the ministry from its beginning, as a member of the first mission team trip in 2003.  During college, she attended an agricultural class in Haiti through the Educational Concern for Hunger Organization.  She served on two additional mission trips in 2005 and 2007 with Faith LCMS.  Jennie and her husband, Andy, are members of Faith Lutheran in La Grande, Oregon and spend their time raising four active children, gardening, and hunting. 

Pastoral Advisor: Rev. Sam Wiseman

Reverend Sam Wiseman was called to Faith Lutheran Church in 2003 from Lamb of God Lutheran Church.  Rev. Sam Wiseman and his wife Charlotte are parents to six children and ten grandchildren.  From God's work in the friendship with Rev. Daniel Paul at seminary this ministry began.  He has lead the mission teams on odd years from Faith Lutheran Church.  Pastor stays involved in the community through various volunteer endeavors including teaching P.E. at Grande Ronde Academy, the local Christian school, and assistant football coaching for a local high school team.  He also enjoys gardening and hiking.

Liaison: Ben Wiseman

Ben Wiseman joined the NEHLM team as Liaison in 2016.  Ben comes to NEHLM with previous service experience at non-profits in the US and abroad.  Most recently, Ben served with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Los Angeles where he supported after-school academic and enrichment activities for 50 elementary students.  While earning a B.S. at Whitworth University, he interned with a public health agency in Nicaragua as part of an intensive study program in Central America. 

Wherever Ben finds himself, he enjoys listening to stories, exploring local flora, and adventuring on foot.

Mission Volunteer: Emily Yancey

Emily (Bartelheimer) Yancey's introduction to MADO began in 2003 with the first mission team from Lamb of God.  Over the next seven years, she would make several short term trips to Ouanaminthe.  Emily began her long term stay in Haiti as a nurse missionary to MADO in 2010.  She assisted with promoting health hygiene and prevention to the orphans and students and provided for the healthcare needs for the orphans, students, church members, as well as individuals in the community. Emily volunteered at a local clinic in town three days a week, held English classes for the orphans, served with NEHLM communication, and assisted with mission teams.  Emily met her husband Cheyenne Yancey on his mission trip visit to Haiti.  Emily moved back to the states a month before marrying Cheyenne in 2013.  She currently lives in North Carolina as her husband continues his training with the US Army.  She assists the ministry in medical mission team communication.


MADO Servants

Rev. Daniel and Clynie Paul: Pastor, "Papi and Mami"

Married in 1998, Daniel and Clynie Paul had felt a calling for a ministry to the children in Haiti. They have four biological daughters, along with being parents to many more children at MADO.  Clynie has past experience in education and serves along side her husband in this ministry in northeast Haiti.  Read more about Daniel and Clynie on our MADO page. 

Yves Telemarque: School Administer and Lay minister of Baja Outreach church

Yves was born in a town called Vallieres in northeast Haiti, where he finished 12th grade and went on to a three year teaching program in Ouanaminthe with Rev. Daniel Paul’s assistance.  He received a teaching certificate qualifying him to teach 1st-6th grade.  Yves is the most senior employee at the Lutheran School in Ouanaminthe. Yves, his wife, and their son live in one of Rev. Daniel Paul's garden houses that Rev. Daniel built to assist church members. Currently, both Yves and his wife work at the school.




Rose Dana

Rose Dana

Elanie Jean-Baptiste and Rose Dana Paul

These ladies are involved with the communication and sponsorship support in Haiti.  Rose Dana assists with school administration and school records.  Elanie helps provide reports to NEHLM on sponsorship communication. 



Dalisse Paul

Dalisse is an adopted daughter of Rev. Daniel and Clynie Paul.  She is involved with cooking and food preparation at MADO.  If you are on a mission trip visiting MADO, she will oversee the preparation of your food.  She is attending school to finish her secondary education and has hopes to open a restaurant. 


Associated Ministry

Bonne Terre: 

Jen Wride founder of Bonne Terre, a organization in Ouanaminthe, Haiti that is a 3 acre farm educating children and growing food for people living in extreme poverty.    She works closely with NEHLM with promoting sponsorship and with MADO in Haiti.