Current and Past Projects 

Thank you for your support of ministry through unallocated and allocated gifts!


Recent Completed Projects

Girls' Complex Driveway- Thank you for Redeemer Lutheran Church, Salem, Oregon, mission team for supporting construction.

Cafeteria Furniture

School Furniture

Girls' complex maintenance

Septic tank repairs

Medical and food shortage

Vehicle purchase

Hurricane Matthew Relief



Projects in Progress- Thank you for the support of these projects!

Church roof- Repairing the roof on church facility at girls' complex.

Computers For Orphanage- Thank you to gifts in kind to support computers for the orphanage.

Bed frames and Mattresses- New bed frames for children as they grow and replacement of old mattresses.

7th grade start-up- Thank you to WA-AK LWML for support of grant for the 7th grade addition to the school in Ouanaminthe.

Guard House Construction-  Thank you to Lamb of God Lutheran Church, Lake Stevens, Washington, and Faith Lutheran Church, La Grande, Oregon, mission teams for supporting construction. 

Agriculture-  Thank you for allocated gifts to agriculture to support the pig pen maintenance.

School Construction, Phase 1-

Purchase of land and initial construction of the primary school began in 2013 with funds from supporters.  A National LWML grant and matching donor helped to fund the construction of the school.  The Phase 1 of construction was for the primary grade classes of the first floor, kitchen and library at the school complex.  The first full year of school was completed 2016.  Construction is being completed on the cafeteria building.

Upcoming Projects

The NEHLM Board has designated the following areas of priority for upcoming projects

Deep well at School and water repair at girls' complex

Support the Haitian Lutheran Church effort to construct worship facility by the school

Secondary education - To add secondary grades to the school, expenses will be for teachers and supplies

Thank you for your support and prayers for this ministry.

We appreciate the support of donations through unallocated gifts that allow NEHLM board to send support for maintaining projects and pressing needs at MADO. 

Please feel free to contact NEHLM if you have questions of projects at MADO.