September 21, 2017



"I will not leave you or forsake you," the Lord said to Joshua as he transitioned into the leadership role that Moses had (Joshua 1:5). This good news was applied by the writer of Hebrews (13:5) to encourage us to be content with the varied responsibilities and privileges in life. This is good news for us to apply and trust as hurricanes continue to swirl and transitions are before us all. 


I talked with Rev. Paul at about 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning. I was pleased to get through on the phone as the reports of damage in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria were so intense and the Dominican Republic was presently being impacted. I asked him about Hurricane Maria and he said, "It rained some last night, but it is not raining now.  The flooding from the previous hurricane (Irma) caused the river to rise and the ground is very wet."  We pray for those in the path of Maria to be strengthened and protected. 


Ben, NEHLM's Liaison, flew to Miami and will visit some supportive churches in Michigan for a couple days (We already received word that the air conditioning in the airports was uncomfortably cold.)  Ben has served more than a year as our liaison, for which the whole ministry is very thankful. Rev. Paul commented, "He was very helpful in many ways: school, orphanage, community, everything! He will be missed!" With Ben's departure and Elainie at college, there is the need for transition of other Haitians to take more responsibilities.  Rev. Paul and I talked about this and we ask for your prayers for faithful workers to be developed as the ministry copes with this void. 


Rev. Paul also shared the joys and challenges of operating the 7th and now 8th grade classes as well as managing the students attending high school.  We are looking at enhancing technological tools as some of the children pursue higher education. There are also tools to enhance for vocational skills for all of the children.


We are blessed with your interest in this ministry. 


God's peace, 


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser