July 28th



The mission team from Redeemer LCMS in Salem, Oregon, is at La Maison des Agneaux de Dieu Orphelinat--MADO--this week. Rev. Paul reported, "The team is doing very well. They are working on the driveway/walkway at the girls' orphanage and presenting their VBS. We are very glad to have them."  Note: the entry into the girls' orphanage has had standing water during the rainy season, causing much mess so this project will be very helpful. I understand that this team will often  "...burst into jubilant song with music..." (Psalm 98:4). They do so as they walk, work, travel, etc.  May the joy of the Lord continue to be with them as they share their music. 


NEHLM has been working with Rev. Paul on plans for exiting children from MADO when they are prepared.  We have had several of the young ladies finish their secondary education and move out of the orphanage. This will need to be the process eventually for all the children as they grow up. 


As of this month, the following preparations are being made for some of our children. Two of the boys (Maxo and Lundrick) are being entered into a vocation "trade school" for various construction skills. There are also seven of the older girls taking Spanish classes; Spanish is a great help in the business world since Ouanaminthe is a border town adjacent to Dajabon, Dominican Republic.  There are weekly market opportunities, and knowing Spanish is valuable. 


A big step is being taken by Elainie (if you have visited MADO, you may know her as your translator).  Elainie is a high school graduate who has persistently, for years, been desiring to go to medical school.  After months of searching and evaluating by Elainie, Rev. and Clynie Paul, and Ben our liaison, it has been decided that she will go to a university in Santiago, Domonican Republic.  She has obtained all the documentation for being a student in a foreign country and, Lord willing, will begin classes this September.  NEHLM is setting up a plan so that this is not an extra burden on Rev. Paul. Please contact us if you would like to support Elainie as she pursues a medical degree. 


God's peace, 


Rev. Sam Wiseman