July 1 2017 Update

Greetings from Haiti in the name of the God of all Peoples!


A short-term mission team has headed back to the states and I am staying here for another week to have some time to visit and plan with Rev. Daniel Paul and his wife Cliney and NEHLM liaison--Ben Wiseman.  The mission team, consisting of members and friends of the church from Faith LCMS in La Grande, two young men from Prosser, Washington, and a young lady from Mexico. Our service has been varied.  


The team worked on the roof project for the security building in the mornings, enjoying access to a gas cement mixer this year, and employing a bucket brigade to get the cement to the roof.  Several members were able to do specialty work--Christine continued sewing lessons that were begun with an earlier mission visit. Jeremy worked on welding projects (baptismal font, communion table, shelving, and general repairs) and instruction as well.


Proclamation ministry was done through a VBS shared in both Baja and Ouanaminthe as the team split to serve both communities with the aid of the older orphans. 


Thank you for the ongoing support --financial and spiritual. It is a huge blessing to walk together in this endeavor.  

bucket brigade.jpg


In Christ,

Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser