May 31st 2017



We have enjoyed having the NEHLM Liaison, Ben Wiseman, in the states for the last couple weeks--for personal reasons as he is Charlotte's and my son, along with watching him do a presentation.  He was presenting at a Christian school last week in our home town. There was a snag with the electronics for several minutes, and he carried on having the students join him in a responsive song in Creole.  He sang a song about Jesus coming to save us, and that He will not drop us in Creole and the students responded after each phrase "OOOOOAh." Rev. Paul reported in our conversation, "Ben is missed very much. He has many friends here, the older ones and also many of the little ones." 


Rev. Paul reported, "It is very warm here and we had a good rain this morning. We are doing well." The crops are also doing well as he reported they are harvesting plantain, mangos, and pineapple. 


I complimented the Rev. Paul and his ministry for having Ben deliver applications for the children that are attending school beyond sixth grade.  Only 29% of Haitian students complete sixth grade. We have asked students to apply for upper education so they have experience at doing applications and begin to focus on their possibilities. 


If you have a Thrivent Financial Product, you can direct Thrivent Choice Dollars to NEHLM via Faith Lutheran Church, La Grande, Oregon. NEHLM designated Thrivent dollars will be deposited for NEHLM expenses.  If you choose to do this, please send an email to NEHLM letting our treasurer know when to expect your donation.  Please do not take from a valid ministry you are presently supporting, but do consider NEHLM if you are looking for a recepient. 


The Lord bless you, 


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser