January 25, 2017

Greetings to those who “have seen a Great Light” (Matthew 4:16), that Light being the “Light of the World” (John 8:12) Jesus Christ and His grace,

(Some thoughts from my last Epiphany Season sermon. May the illuminating truth of who we are and what He has done, and is doing for us, brighten your day!)

La Maison des Agneaux de Dieu Orphelinat (The House of the Lambs of God Orphanage—MADO) was delighted to have a nurse practitioner and several helpers be with them last week.  Rev. Paul reported, “Everything went very well. She was able to see many people: orphans, students, and other people. We were delighted that she came to serve these people.” 

When Rev. Paul took this mission group to the airport in Cap Haitian last Saturday, he continued traveling with a couple of the young adults from MADO to Port au Prince.  This was to mourn with the family, church, and other clergy at the funeral of Reverend Neona.  Rev. Neona was the brother of Rev. Izador who was a past president of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti (ELCH-full altar and pulpit fellowship with the LCMS).  Rev. Neona had also served with Rev. Louis from Port au Prince.  This is another very sad time for the ELCH. Reverends Isador, Louis, and now Neona have all died at fairly young ages. Rev. Neona’s death was a crime involving greed, as have been other deaths of pastors over the last fifteen years. Rev. Paul’s voice was noticeably shaky as he explained, “It was a really sad time. He was a very good man just trying to help many people!” Our condolences to all impacted and our prayers as Rev. and Mrs. Paul continue to visit and support this family and church.

Rev. Paul reported that they are able to harvest plantains, cassava, congo beans, and bush beans.  He added, “It would be good to receive some rain, but just some rain that would be good for the plants.”  This is a situation we often find ourselves in--we desire the good thing, such as rain, but not too much.

I was delighted to share with Rev. Paul that Trinity Lutheran School of Utica, Michigan, had a “Color Run” to benefit our school.  The Color Run has allowed Trinity Lutheran School to sponsor twenty-four students for this school year.  It is exciting to see this support of a Haitian school from a USA school.


God’s peace,


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser