February 24, 2017

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

First, a word of thanks to all of you for supporting this ministry with your prayers, involvement, gifts, and sponsorships.  We have seen a healthy increase of sponsors for the orphans and students of this ministry is the last several months. This is helping to ease some the the continual pressure Rev. Paul faces in day to day operation of the ministry.  

As I talked with Rev. Paul this week, we discussed some work projects for two mission teams that are planning trips this summer.  Faith LCMS, my congregation, has a team of eight people scheduled for late June and Rev. Johnson of Redeemer LCMS in Salem, Oregon, has a team scheduled for July.  We are excited for the opportunity to share the Gospel as we help the ministry. Rev. Paul and all of his ministry are also delighted to host these teams.  

The NEHLM board continues to develop support for the variety of situations for the children of La Maison des Agneaux de Dieu Orphelinat (MADO).  We are presently developing methods to help the children transition out of the orphanage as they become young adults.  This includes further education, business starts, etc. We are finding this to be a situation that needs to be handled uniquely per individual, yet should have some overarching principles to guide us.  Elanie is an individual for whom we are considering options and possibilities as she desires to further her education. 

Rev. Paul reminded me of what I call the amplified celebration approaching the Lenten Season.  β€œIn Haiti people are getting ready for Carnival.  It will begin on Sunday, and continue on Monday, and also on Tuesday.  Our country has many activities. Next Wednesday will be Ash Wednesday and Carnival will be done.”  Let us pray that Christian truth is proclaimed in Haiti through this culturally complicated celebration.  

A blessed Lenten Season to you, 

Rev. Sam Wiseman 

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser