April 6, 2017

Boys helping with the watering at one of the gardens

Boys helping with the watering at one of the gardens

Greetings as we approach the Passion Week!

Rev. Paul reported that they will be having worship services every day starting Palm Sunday through Easter. The seven services from this Sunday through Saturday will focus on the Seven Words of Christ on the cross. I commented that I would cover those in our Good Friday Service. He responded, “Oh, yes, but there is so much to say, and we would not have enough time to do them all in one service.  This way we will be able to preach more of Christ’s Passion.” Good Idea!  I am delighted to see them gathering for services every day of Passion Week.

Before the Passion Week begins, Rev. Paul will be taking about sixteen of the children to Cap Haitian for a Taekwondo competition. Twelve of those children will be competing this Saturday.  This sport, like so many healthy activities, is great for developing discipline, dedication, and responsibility.  I remember being awakened early on a Saturday morning, (about 5:00 a.m.)  to cadence counting as they were going through their exercises.

Our Liaison, Ben Wiseman, reported the many helping hands that he witnessed on Tuesday. The boys were using buckets to haul water to a garden with tomatoes and some other crops, while the girls took laundry down to the river to wash.  He commented that the children were working diligently, and he was delighted to see them willing to help with these chores for the good of all.  I asked Rev. Paul about these chores and he responded, “Ah yes, the boys did some good work.”  I lamented with him about it being 25 degrees on Monday night in La Grande and even with my tomato plants in a free standing “greenhouse,” many of my tomatoes froze. He replied, “Oh, we don’t need to worry about that, it is the dry season that we have to deal with.” (Check out Facebook page to see photos of the children helping at the garden.  Search @nehlmhaiti on Facebook and like us to get further updates)

Concerning the laundry, Rev. Paul informed me that the electric pump at the girls facility is not operating right now. There was too much laundry to use the hand pump, so they took the laundry to the river.  This conversation branched off onto the non-operating pump. He informed me that the well needs to be deeper, because they are now having to buy drinking water for the girls’ facility. NEHLM is presently pleased to have expressed interest in supporting a deep well at the school.  Fresh water is so important, and we pray for guidance and support in having a deeper well for the girls’ facility.

Our Ninth Annual Wanna Run for Ouanaminthe is around the corner, June 4th, 2017, in Lake Stevens, WA.  If you are interested in joining this event registration form is on website.  We thank you for the support of this ministry.  This event provides support and publicity for the ministry, as well as means to fellowship with others passionate about the ministry in northeast Haiti.  

God’s peace and a blessed Passion Week to you all,


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser