Ocotber 6, 2017

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 


As we are in the month of October, we give thanks for the truth of God's Word and Christ's work being recovered and made the focus of Christian living.  "The truth will set you free" (John 8:32) is in the Gospel reading for Reformation Sunday. We celebrated the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation on October 31. 


Rev. Paul sent Nord Est Haiti Lutheran Mission's (NEHLM's) officers a wonderful email in which he listed the "special blessings" of 1) Ben Wiseman's service as NEHLM's Liaison for over a year (Ben has now returned to the states), 2) Elanie's enrollment in a university for medical study, 3) the paying off of medical expenses for his family through donations to NEHLM that has been an issue for a couple years, 4) the safety through the hurricanes that caused much damage elsewhere, 5) NEHLM officers and their families, 6) all the supporters of NEHLM, and 7) the successful start of their schools. He also included twenty-three "special prayers" for needs and desires for the ministry. We greatly appreciate this thorough communication as we all walk with him in bringing Christ's care and Word to the people in Haiti. 


NEHLM officers will take Rev. Paul's list seriously as he and NEHLM prioritize the items. The one item I would like to share today is for 45 French Bibles and 30 songbooks for the children of the orphanage. Rev. Paul told me the Bibles can be purchased for less in Haiti ($8) as well as the songbooks ($5-7). (A quick check of the internet with a lower quality La Sainte Bible was $8.99, not counting shipping and getting the books to them.) 


Rev. Paul said they are able to do a little harvesting of yucca, plantain, and bananas; however, the hurricane's moisture has interrupted or slowed down other agriculture. 


God's peace, 


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser