November 2nd 2017

God's peace as we remembered dear souls who now rest from their labors on All Saints Day, November 1st. 


I asked Rev. Paul what they did in recognition of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation and All Saints Day. He replied, "We had something like a revival. We had worship every day last week. We also had three people from Capt Haitian teach twenty-, six from our ministry how to make shoes.  On Reformation Sunday we baptized four people who are part of the Baja church plant."  


I congratulated him on the daily services and the baptisms; however, we then talked for a while concerning this new venture of making shoes. He clarified: "Yes, we made shoes or you might say sandals."  The ministry now has these twenty-six people that know this trade. The shoes were made basically for the people of this ministry. I inquired about this being a business for people of the ministry.  Rev. Paul explained they would need to get more materials, a special sewing machine, and gluing tool. Let us pray for their direction as they continue to pursue ways to provide jobs and services to people of Haiti. 


Some of the orphans had previously been involved in Taekwondo and were doing well in competitions.  Late last spring this activity was stopped due to pressures on the children and the ministry.  Due to some liability situations, politics, and pressures, La Maison des Agneaux de Dieu Orphelinat (MADO) still does not sponsor a team. However, the older children attending above eighth grade have the opportunity to be involved with the school, similar to many USA sports teams. We wish them well in their endeavors.


A medical team from Trinity LCMS in Utica, Michigan, is with the ministry in Ouanaminthe this week. Rev. Paul commented, "I picked them up at the airport on Monday. Tuesday they got set up and served about fifty people. Wednesday they served more than one hundred fifty." Trinity LCMS and two other churches near them have sent medical mission teams to Haiti for a couple decades, and we are so delighted with their service to MADO and Ouanaminthe. 


God's peace, 


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser