September 8th 2016

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


I had a wonderful visit with the three churches in Michigan (Trinity LCMS of Utica, Faith LCMS of Troy, and Shepherd’s Gate of Shelby Township) who have been supportive in a variety of ways with Ben (NEHLM’s Liaison and my son).  Ben went from Michigan to Haiti.  After his first week there he reports, “I am very impressed with how much work is done by so few people.”  As many others have observed, as we see the operations of this ministry of Rev. Paul’s and the resources available, we all are impressed with the stewardship.   Ben also reported to his mother and for my encouragement, “Personally, I am doing wonderfully.  I am healthy, learning lots of names, and enjoying using my Creole as I learn it.”


The ministry had end of the summer soccer games on Saturday.  There was competition between the orphans and also between the orphans and church members.  There was great excitement in both playing the games and, for the rest of the ministry, watching the games. 


School started on Monday, yet there were added challenges.  The Haitian government in very unstable at the present time, and some of the “underwriting” of school books is not available. I would like to know if this is because of lack of foreign support that this unstable government in not receiving.  Either way, Rev. Paul said the books cost four times more than they have in the past.  He asked, “Please pray for Haiti. We will have an election on October 9th, and hopefully, we will have a new government.  Mainly pray that God’s will be done.”  We hear you, Rev. Paul, and we also pray for our elections.


Thank you for your interest.


God’s blessings,


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser