July 8th, 2016

“God bless our native land...” I trust you had opportunity to sing this hymn or at least pray the intent of the hymn as we recognized Independence Day on Monday. 


The mission team from Lamb of God LCMS in Lake Stevens, Washington, with a Jeremy from Faith LCMS in LaGrande, Oregon, returned home safely.  There was no report of any illness; thanks to Cliney and the older girls for healthy food preparation.  Rev. Paul reported, “They did wonderful work! We were so glad to have them with us.  Jan Novak (Worship Leader for Lamb of God) has not been here since 2007. He was happy to see a lot of changes at MADO” (La Maison des Agneaux de Dieu Orphelinat--The House of the Lambs of God Orphanage). The whole ministry is so pleased to have so many people walking along with us in this ministry.  The harvest fields are continuing to ripen, and we are honored to serve with you in caring for these dear souls with temporal needs, but most importantly, with the Word of God. 


Four of the boys striking a pose!

Four of the boys striking a pose!

Jeremy shared a couple videos on his phone, (hasn’t this changed from our first mission trip in 2003 where disposable cameras were used and there was very rare cell phone reception in Haiti!).  One video documented a good rainstorm, one of several, that they have appreciated over the last month and a half.  This rainstorm, however, was unique because of the marble-sized hail.  This made the children wrap up in blankets.  The rains have allowed MADO to be working in their gardens.  Corn, beans, and okra are now being harvested.  Another video was of a Taekwondo competition in Ouanaminthe which Cliney (Rev. Paul’s wife) organized.  They had sponsors and charged entry fees, and it appeared to be an exciting time.  Nine teams from northern Haiti attended the competition.  MADO’s children competed well. This activity allows for some effective lessons for the children in diligence, good sportsmanship, physical health, and spiritual maturity. “For physical training is on some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for this life and the life to come” (1 Timothy 4:8). 

God’s blessings, 

Rev. Sam Wiseman 

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser