May 27th Update

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.


I appreciate Rev. Paul’s unending optimism.  I asked, “How are you doing?” He replied, “We are doing well. The children are working well in school.” After we were done with the initial comments, I found out that they are dealing with many challenges, tribulations, and problems.  

Rev. Paul told me of a new situation of governmental unrest.  “On April 25th the government officials quit working.  The doctors and medical professionals associated with the government would not receive patients.  People could go to the few private doctors, but that is very expensive.  We had several children that were so sick that we took them where we could to get care.  It was better for us than most people, since we had medicines that mission teams had left with MADO (La Maison des Agnewaux de Dieu Orphelinat).  We are dealing with expenses since we were charged for beds and care.”  Please consider this “over and above” need that the mission is now facing. Thank you.

A positive and encouraging report was that the Haitian government did sponsor MADO with a small financial incentive since they are actively gardening.  Rev. Paul reported that many of the Haitians were not being thrifty, not getting back to working the ground after their long dry season.  I am pleased that they were recognized and rewarded for being steadfast workers.

Rev. Paul and his wife Cliney send their greetings.

God’s peace,


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser