June 25th Update


“Summertime and the living is ________________.”  There is a peaceful, lovely tune that goes with these words; however, I tend to stay more busy than I had planned, so I am not sure “easy” is my best word to fill in the blank.  Nevertheless, summer is “easy” as I consider not having to bundle up with coat, hat, and gloves, along with food being easily available in the garden, and no sidewalks or driveways to clear of snow.  All and all, summer is a great time. I praise the Lord for good health that allows me to do the variety of opportunities before me

The mission team from Lamb of God LCMS of Lake Stevens, Washington, arrived in Haiti Tuesday. Rev. Paul reported, “They arrived with all their bags and we had over 300 children for VBS (Vacation Bible School) today.” There are only four people on this trip, so the older girls of La Maison des Agneaux de Dieu Orphinat (MADO) helped, as they always do with organization, presentation, and distribution of food.  The ministry is blessed by mission teams bringing a message from the Word of God and sharing resources and time with these dear souls.

Rev. Paul said, “The gardens are doing wonderfully.  We have had good rain and many of us have been helping to work the ground. However, we do not have any grains or meat.  If NEHLM could continue to help with food that would be wonderful.”  This year had a drastically long dry spell that hurt the economy and depleted many resources.  We have appreciated the extra donations that we have passed on to MADO. 

Another pressing challenge with the unstable political environment of the contested elections is the strike of many government workers for the last two months.  Rev. Paul reported, “There was a mother who is associated with MADO who fell off a tap-tap (a Haitian taxi).  She was bloody. We had to take her to a private medical center. This center was more expensive than the government-run ones that are now closed down.  We also have people from the community come to us for medicines and medical care. We do what we can.  They come to us because we have some medicines and have hosted medical teams, so they see our ministry as a place for medical care.”

Thank you for your time and involvement with this ministry.

God’s peace,


Rev. Sam Wiseman