March 16, 2016



    “We are getting some very nice rain right now, but I do not know how long it will last. It sounds like it is almost finished,” Rev. Paul joyfully, then sadly, reported in my recent call.  I asked, “How long has it been raining?” “Oh, it just started maybe ten minutes ago,” Rev. Paul responded.  I said, “May it be that this rain is priming a pump in order that the clouds bring more nourishing rain.” Rev. Paul returned, “Oh yes, that would be very nice.” Ouanaminthe has had a more severe dry season than normal these last couple months which has impacted agriculture and the ensuing food prices. Praise God for their “very nice rain,” and we pray for further nourishment from above for the land.  Many good things are received from above, “Every good and perfect is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights...” (James 1:17).


    The Michigan Medical Team was with the ministry until March 6th.  “They were a great blessing. Many people in our community received medical care.  We were so happy to have them with us,” reported Rev. Paul.  The ministry is happy to have all visitors.  Following that team was a team working with Jen Wride. This second team was from Lincolnton, North Carolina.


    Clynie, Marguerite, Retnise and Benglinie were on their way Tuesday to go to Port au Prince via bus to travel with the Haitian Tae Kwon Do Team for international competition in Santa Domingo, DR.  Cliney is Rev. Paul’s wife and was going as a chaperone for those three young ladies who won their age divisions earlier this year. However, the bus broke down, and they returned to Ouanaminthe and will travel Wednesday to Santiago and then to Santa Domingo and meet the rest of the Haitian team there.  Rev. Paul said, “This is OK. To go to Port au Prince and then to Santa Domingo is several more hours of travel.”  Good luck in your competition ladies!


   “We have five piglets! She gave birth on Friday,” said Rev. Paul.  We are so glad to see this animal husbandry project continue to develop.


Blessed Holy Week as we receive of God’s great love in Jesus Christ’s Passion.


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser