October 7th Update



    These last several days Rev. Paul and the ministry of La Maison des Agneaux de Dieu Orphelinat (MADO-The House of the Lambs of God Orphanage) have been spared the devastating affects of Hurricane Matthew.  Our ministry is located in Ouanaminthe, the north east (nord est) corner of Haiti, and the most extensive damage occurred south and southwest. Haiti is a word for mountainous, (the highest peak is 8793 feet) and MADO is on the plain in that northeast corner of the country. We are thankful for their protection in this area from this storm.  NELHLM’s Liaison, Ben, reported, “Amidst the devastation in many parts of Haiti, it is a relief to communicate to you that Ouanaminthe was not hit by Hurricane Matthew.  Last night we got some light wind and rain, but nothing out of the ordinary or damaging by any means.”  Rev. Paul reported, “God takes care of that for us. We are very thankful!”

    Rev. Paul also said, “The market and government are overwhelmed. There are bridges out, roads closed, and many displaced people.” This will likely have effects for several months of increased food prices and pressures for other necessities for the whole country. Ben’s input on this situation was, “The storm is, of course, effecting all of Haiti in some regards. School throughout the country is closed this week, and I have heard different opinions about whether it will be open next week.  Everyone is waiting for word from the elections committee to see if the long-awaited presidential election set for this Sunday will move forward.”  The election was scheduled forOctober 9th.  This was a second time having the election. The first was in the spring time and results were contested leaving the country without an active government for months. 

    I asked Rev. Paul if MADO had plans for supporting the affected area. He responded, “The church here at MADO has taken up a collection to support them. It is not much but it will help someone.  Mommie (his wife Cliney) is planning to go to Les Ceyes (in southern Haiti). She grew up in that area and will take any available resources to help.”  NEHLM did receive donations to help after the 2010 earthquake and personally distributed them to very needed people.  Any funds received by NEHLM designated for hurricane relief will be distributed properly.

    Christians are clothed in Jesus Christ’s righteousness with His protection and bountiful gifts.  Jesus Christ’s service to mankind on the cross has paid the price for what mankind deserves for sin.  I will apply Rev. Paul’s quote to this eternal truth;  “God takes care of that for us. We are very thankful!”


God’s peace,


Rev. Sam Wiseman

Pastoral Advisor