August 21, 2105 Update

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


    The ministry is active and we are thankful for the blessings the Lord pours upon us as we walk with these dear souls in Haiti. One notable blessing is that Rev. Paul finally received his updated visa to travel out of the country.  He has been working on this since early June when I wrote a letter for his daughter (Margurite) and him expressing Nord Est Haiti Lutheran Mission’s (NEHLM’s) desire for them travel to the USA.  Margurite’s visa application is still on hold. Rev. Paul thinks she has a good chance of receiving her visa when Cliney (Rev. Paul’s wife) renews her visa. Cliney is waiting for a letter from the Boston hospital where Abigail was born.  We are excited for the opportunity for other people in Haiti to be able to help Rev. Paul with some visitations to supporters in the USA.  With Rev. Paul having his visa, NEHLM is arranging a trip to Miami to follow-up on the eye surgery he had earlier this year for glaucoma.

    School is scheduled to begin September 7th. This is an exciting time! Rev. Paul reported, “Most of the the uniforms are ready.” Cliney went to purchase material in early July for over 70 uniforms for school.  The uniforms are scarlet red dresses and white blouses for the girls and scarlet red shorts and white shirts for the boys.  I think you can find a picture of these distinct uniforms on NEHLM’s web page. There are about 200-250 students in this school for grades K-6th.   For the orphans to go to school above sixth grade, they need to go to other schools at this time.  We have 21 orphans in this category this year.  This is a big expense.  We are hoping at some time in the future to have our school be able to hire the upper grade teachers needed as we have more and more orphans apply to attend the upper grades. 


    In relation to education, the NELHM board and Rev. Paul have discussed an application process for the older students; we see completing applications as a good practice for students to learn. Rev. Paul and Cliney also desire to have other people overseeing their studies. 


    We thank sponsors like you who continually pray for and encourage your orphan or student in their studies.  Rev. Paul did note their thriftiness in having kept previous upper grade books in good shape. He said, “This year we do not have to buy all of our books for the upper grades. We are able to reuse books that other orphans had used.” You are among the many other blessings that the Lord pours upon this ministry. Thank you for being involved.


God’s peace,


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser