Update June 2nd

Greetings in the name of our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.


    When I recently spoke with Rev. Paul I could hear children in the background being joyfully active and occasional barking of dogs.  After a couple minutes of conversing with him and noticing the background noise, I was surprised to not hear the roosters.  I commented, “It sounds as though there is some happy children and barking dogs, but I do not hear the chickens. Are there chickens around?” Rev. Paul responded, “Oh yes there are chickens. They are just being quiet right now.” 

    I am looking forward to being with the ministry for nine days starting June 7th, and yes, I also look forward to hearing the children, dogs, and roosters (a little before the crack of dawn). Faith Lutheran in La Grande (my calling congregation) is sending eight of us for this trip.  Faith has for the last decade sent a team to MADO (La Maison des Agneaux de Dieu Orphelinat-The House of the Lambs of God Orphanage) on the odd numbered years.  FYI, if you would like to travel along with us in 2017 let NEHLM know (four of this year’s participants are from outside our local congregation).  I was delighted to hear Rev. Paul assure me, “We are getting ready for you!”

    The ministry hosted a team from Faith Lutheran in Troy, Michigan, May 24-30. “They did a wonderful job. We were very happy to have them with us,” commented Rev. Paul.  This team had personnel to serve as a medical mission team. They also were involved in the proclamation of the Good News.  There is a third team scheduled for June 19-27 from Dixon, California.  We are so pleased that so many people are walking with us in the ministry.

    Rev. Paul took some notes the previous time that we talked, but then he was caught in a rainstorm and his notes became illegible. I commented, “So you are getting some good rain?” “Oh yes, we are getting a lot of good rain—it is very good!” responded Rev. Paul.  We thank God for the answered prayers for this much needed water.  I did share again with Rev. Paul the information which was lost in the rain.


God’s blessings to you all. My next NEHLM Update is scheduled for the week we return.


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Advisor