NEHLM Update May 6th

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

    My recent call to Rev. Paul began with him saying, “Our last rain was in February, I am sending pictures of our gardens.” (These recent pictures are available below) about their lack of rain, as those of us in the western United States are also dealing with exceedingly dry conditions. “The corn and beans are not able to develop, so we feed it to the goats and chickens. We are able to eat the bananas and plantains, but they are small. We do have mangos and cassava, so we are doing fine,” reported Rev. Paul.  I asked him about their food supply.  “Oh, we are doing OK right now, but next month.... The market prices are very high and we will not have any produce to harvest. The hard times for food are coming.”

    As we then changed to talk about potable water he said, “The wells in Ouanaminthe are dry or going dry.” I inquired about their wells and he said, “The hand dug wells are dry and the well at Baja can get a little water; however, our main well was drilled deep. We have water. When the generator is on, which is fairly often with the construction going, people come to get water from us.”  We are blessed by supporters of this ministry who provided for the drilling of a couple deep wells over the past several years.  The consistent availability of potable water has been a blessing for the ministry all along, and now with these drought conditions, the whole neighborhood of the ministry is being blessed. Praise God for faithful people who generously supported this ministry because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  Christians responding to God’s love in faith is beautiful. Thank you one and all for your interest and concerns for these dear souls and God’s love being shared with all nations.

    Rev. Paul has a eye appointment on Wednesday, May 6th, in Cap Haitian.  “My eyes are doing well,” Rev. Paul reported.  Then he will be in Port au Prince for a celebration in Cliney’s family.  He will make the drive back to Ouanaminthe Saturday to lead an evening Bible class and for worship services on Sunday.  He is a busy man.

    Faith Lutheran Church of Troy, Michigan, is going to be with them May 23-30.  Faith Lutheran Church of La Grande, Oregon (my congregation), is scheduled to be with them June 7-16.  They are looking forward to hosting these groups, and we are looking forward to being with them.  We pray for rain and safety for all involved.


God’s peace,


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser