Update March 16th 2015

Bonjou mwen zanmi. Kijan ou ye?


This was the greeting the I gave Rev. Paul when I recently called him.  It means “Good day, my friend. How are you?

He responded, “Mwen byen, e ou memn? (I’m fine, and you?)


I continue to try to learn the Haitian language, even though I find myself challenged with all the proper grammatical forms of the English language.  Communication is a wonderful tool, yet one that takes diligent work. 


I told Rev. Paul that we were receiving some much needed rain since we have had a rather dry winter in northeast Oregon. He responded, “Oh yes! I need some rain too.  I am glad you are receiving some.”


Cliney and Abigail are in Boston, Massachusetts, with Cliney’s sister for some medical check ups. We pray for the safe travel home.  I asked Rev. Paul about his oldest biological daughter, Marguerite. “She is now fifteen years old and goes to upper grade school.  She is doing well.” I look forward to seeing her again this summer and suspect I will encounter a mademoiselle instead of the timoun (child) of previous years. (Note: MADO runs a school up through 6th grade and when children at the orphanage pass 6th grade, we try to provide for further education, if it is desired and appropriate for the child.)


The children have some animal husbandry to be working with as they just obtained fifty chickens that are being kept at the girls’ orphanage, and ten goats that are at the boys’ orphanage.  The goats are able to be bred. This will be an exciting addition to see how this further pursuance of self-sufficiency works out.


God’s peace to you,


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser