Update December 11, 2015

A blessed Advent Season to you!  May the truth of God’s love shown in coming to mankind in the person of Jesus Christ, stir us to love and good works.


Rev. Paul reported that several of the people have been ill at La Maison des Agneaux de Dieu Orphelinate (MADO=The House of the Lambs of God Orphanage). Most them have had a cold or fever for several days and then recovered.  However, Djenniphere (19-20 year old young lady who has been with Rev. and Cliney for over a decade) has been not able to go to school or work for a while. It appears that she has malaria.  We pray that the Lord’s healing hand continues to strengthen these dear souls.


Nord Est Haiti Lutheran Mission (NEHLM) received a start up gift to get a pig operation going.  Rev. Paul was delighted to have this initial gift and will be getting some pigs for breeding purposes.  If and when we receive more funding for the pig project, some further breeding stock will be obtained and proper pens constructed.  We are excited with the possibilities. Pigs can be fed a variety of foods and can forage in harvested fields. They also have potential for litters of piglets more than once a year.  Rev. Paul thinks this project will allow them to provide a healthier diet for the growing, active children.


Rev. Paul did report that they are now able to harvest some beans. “We have been gathering Congo beans every day and eating them.  There are not a lot, but it is good to get some of our own crops again.”  This is especially true as the border tension with the Dominican Republic has intensified.  He reported, “The government is blocking the transport of food and goods to Haiti.  This has affected the price of food. Ouananminthe, as a border town, has been impacted the most.”


We thank you for your concern and support of this ministry. 


Merry Christmas!


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser