Update October 27th

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


Activities at the orphanage, school, and church are in full swing.  Everyone is busy and doing well. Praise God!


Rev. Paul shared that they are harvesting a healthy crop of bananas and plantains at the present time.  They are also at work with other crops as the weather has been very agreeable for their agricultural pursuits.  Whenever I hear this, I continually give thanks for the resourcefulness of those involved and their able bodies and willing minds to do the work. 


NEHLM received thirty French catechisms for the ministry last month from the Lutheran Heritage Foundation.  It is very helpful for them to have resources in French for written and reading studies.   I am impressed with the “quadra-lingual” ability of so many Haitians in and around Ouanaminthe.  The native speaking language is Haitian Creole. The official written language for government and business is French. Many Haitians in this area also speak some Spanish, since Ouanaminthe is a border city with Dajabon, Dominican Republic.  And the fourth language that many attempt is English.  Rev. Paul has requested for his advanced theological students the Manuel for Christian Doctrine in French, also from the Lutheran Heritage Foundation. This agency does not sell the books but does accept donations.  We are very thankful to have these Christian education materials available for the ministry.


Rev. Paul is scheduled to come to the states to visit with and report to several supportive groups this month.  He is scheduled to be at Trinity LCMS in Utica, Michigan, November 14-16. I think he has been invited to preach that Sunday. He will then be with Trinity/Hope Haitian Feeding Program in Nashville, Tennessee,November 17-23.  We are blessed to be walking with these groups in support of this ministry. 


The Lord be with you,


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser