January 29, 2015 Update



When I called Rev. Paul I could hear that he was busy with something.  I asked, “Where are you? Do you have a moment to talk?”  He responded, “Oh, yes, now is a good time.  I am at one of the gardens close to Pepe’s house. We are harvesting congo beans, sweet potatoes, okra, peanuts. It is the dry season now. We are doing a lot of harvesting; however, we are able to also be planting some congo beans.” Before he was done he hurried to add in a humble tone, “I am not doing all this work. I am with the workers. Watching and seeing how the work is going.”


Much of the harvest will go directly to feeding those at the orphanage and school.  However, there will also be some of this that is taken to market or sold out of the field.  It is so encouraging to witness this ministry strive to provide for themselves as they also provide opportunities for the people in their community to be working.  Their example to the community is encouraging for the community to be active in honest work.  We trust that it is also being recognized as the light of Christ reflecting off those in the ministry. May their work and our support be an epiphany for us all of Christ gathering people to accomplish the providing of “daily bread.”


Rev. Paul continues to recover from his eye surgeries.  Last week he informed me that Dalisse (Rev. and Cliney’s oldest adopted daughter) was driving him around.  Yesterday he informed me that, “Oh I am driving now. My eyes are much better. Praise God!”


As we helped with the second semester tuition for our orphans who are in school beyond sixth grade (at least 12), we realize this large expense.  We pray for continued support to finish our children’s education as well as for direction for the best administrative practices (expand our school, look for further support for advanced students, etc.).


God’s peace to you,


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser