Update December 30, 2014

Konton Nouvo Ane! (Happy New Year! actually the Haitians normally say, Bon ane!-Good Year!)

Rev. Paul continues to be in Miami in recovery from surgery on both eyes for glaucoma. “I went for a checkup yesterday; the doctor is pleased with the progress.  I have another check up on January 5th,” reported Rev. Paul.  His eyes are fairly swollen and he said he is told that he needs to take it easy and rest and not  lift anything more than 15 pounds.   His host said that they are having him use a small watering can to water plants and trying find some things for him to do that fit his doctor’s orders. His host is a surgeon, and we are so thankful for his generous and empathetic care.

He is keeping in touch with the activities at MADO (La Maison des Agneaux de Dieu Orphilenat-The House of the Lambs of God Orphanage).  Clynie, Rev. Paul’s wife, is active with the daily oversight of the children and keeping Rev. Paul abreast of the construction work. At the church plant in Baja, the roof is on the worship center and the latrines are being worked on.  There is an issue with obtaining year round fresh water for this community. The village is on a hill (beautiful view) and we will continue to help the church plant have fresh water, from which the whole community will benefit.  At this time of year the well has water; however, to have year-round water will be a substantial cost.  

The more immediate construction concern is the obtaining of 1000 bags of cement for finishing work at the school and the preparation for the four more rooms previous planned.  The ministry is also working with a carpenter, who made the benches for the school and church, as he is now able to work on making 6 teacher desks. The grants and gifts for the school are being used with careful stewardship. 

Christmas and New Years (which is also Haitian Independence Day) are big church worship times. Rev. Paul reported that Pepe, (a worker who has been with the ministry for about 10 years) and Yves (a teacher and the lead man at the church plant in Baja) are leading these services. We are delighted to see that there are able and willing servants that we can count on.

Rev. Paul informed me that the city has offered city electricity to the girls orphanage. The use of city electricity will help the ministry reduce the monthly expense of running the generator, which is more expensive than the city electricity will be. This was offered about two years ago for around $5000.00. We did not not have funds immediately available, and we missed that opportunity.  However, the city returned and the cost now will be about half the previous offer amount. Thanks to supporters undesignated gifts, we are able to take part in this savings opportunity.  Praise God for this great deal!

The Lord bless and keep you,

Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser

Baja Construction

Baja Construction

Baja Vacation Bible School

Baja Vacation Bible School