Update December 1st 2014

A Blessed Advent Season to You All!


Rev. Paul informed me today that his trip was very good, and he enjoyed being with everyone while he was in the states. His travel went well; however, his luggage did not make the trip all the way back with him.  He will be going to the airport in Cap Haitian to retrieve his luggage this week.  He will also continue to get his eyes examined.  He has glaucoma and realizes the possibility of a surgery. 


Within an hour of this call with Rev. Paul,  I received a call from a surgeon who lives in Miami, Florida, who has been involved with NEHLM . He had been told of Rev. Paul’s condition as Rev. Paul received medical attention while he had a lay-over last week in Miami. He advised that a surgery on Rev. Paul’s eyes be done as soon as possible.  Therefore, over this next week, NEHLM will be making arrangements for this trip. We are thankful for our partnership with members from Concordia LCMS  in Miami as they will be following through on all the details.


Rev. Paul did report that the work at the church plant in Baja is progressing well.  The walls are up on the worship center and the roof is next.   There is also need for the “toilets.”  He explained, “These toilets will not have running water. We will need to dig a deep hole, about 20’ deep because of the location so that there are not problems.  Then we will build a building with a side for women and another for men.  Depending on how hard the digging is (Baja is on a crest of a hill, so possibly digging will be hard and rocky).  Both of these projects are now on NEHLM’s project list and donations can be specifically directed to them. 


“The rainy season is over.  Our last rain caused the flood that we had in early November,” said Rev. Paul.  There is much activity in agriculture as they are harvesting congo beans, corn, peanuts, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and several other items that I did not get in my notes.  They are also rotating crops and letting some fields “rest” (lay fallow) for a season. These are efficient agricultural practices.


Please pray for Rev. Paul’s travel and upcoming surgery on his eyes. Thank you for keeping this ministry before you.


God’s peace,


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser

Photo of progress of construction in Baja for church


IMG_0104 (1).JPG