NEHLM Update November 21, 2014

Bonjou mwen, zanmi! (Good day, my friends.)


This was a phrase that I witnessed Rev. Paul teaching some first graders at Zion Lutheran School in Lake Stevens, Washington, on Monday.  It was good to see the warm reception that Rev. Paul received at the school. He had preached and visited with Lamb of God LCMS on Sunday, and then on Monday, he started with a chapel presentation supported by Emily Yancey (the two of them make a very good presentation team).  He then went to each class and answered questions.  I was a “tag-a-long” for this and greatly appreciated the opportunity.  We thank all those in the Lake Stevens area for their wonderful hosting.


Rev. Paul did receive an eye exam. He has glaucoma. He was given some eye drops, which did show some positive results.  When he returns to Haiti, he is scheduled for further care for his eyes.  He also went to a dentist and needed to have a tooth pulled. It is nice that Lamb of God LCMS has an optometrist and dentist in the congregation to give him this health care. Both of these professionals have been to MADO and have provided care for many others. We thank these health care providers for their service.


Rev. Paul has several presentations that he is giving for the Trinity Hope Feeding Program today and Friday.  This organization provides meals for the school throughout the year, as well as providing food for many other sites in Haiti.  We are thankful for their walking with us in this ministry.


The Thanksgiving atmosphere is upon us.  We are thankful for each of you, your prayers, and your support of this ministry.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Adviser