NEHLM Update 10/19/14

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in Whom we have grace, mercy, and peace!


I was able to Skype Rev. Paul this morning. He was with Cliney. We are very pleased that the Paul family is again under the same roof with their healthy baby, Abigeil.  “Abigeil will be getting some shots this week.  Regular vaccinations; she is doing very well,” reported Rev. Paul.  “Mama (Cliney, who is mama for many children) is doing very well also. “She is not as involved with the school as she has been other years; however, she does work with the teachers and parents,” said Rev. Paul.  We are thankful for her service in these administrative roles.  She is still involved and gives some very valuable leadership and direction for the orphanage and school.


The construction of the school is progressing with the first floor’s six rooms. There will eventually be ten rooms that were originally planned, but we are completing these six rooms to be able into move into the school sooner.  Construction had stalled for a couple weeks due to some heavy rains. The septic is to be completed in the next step of construction, and we are waiting for the engineer from Port au Prince to be available to lay out the plans. This ministry is blessed to be able to pursue this educational facility in order to bring pragmatic education in a Christian setting that is valuable for the students now and forevermore. 


The “church plant” in Baja continues to bring the Word of God to that community that is about 4-5 miles from MADO (La Maison des Agneaux de Dieu Orphelinat-The House of the Lambs of God Orphanage).  With the recent rains, the need for a covered worship area has been realized all the more.  “We desire to put up a partial block wall with a metal roof, very similar to what we have at MADO. We also could use a secure room to lock up resources. This will cost about seven to ten thousand dollars,” said Rev. Paul.  We are excited with for this opportunity that allows the Word of God to grow.  The ministry of MADO has been using their “covered worship area” for about seven to eight years as a sanctuary, classrooms for school, play area, and multi-purpose room.  NEHLM identifies this as a pressing need and will direct some unallocated funds towards this project and also apply any direct donations to this cause as it is received.  Thank you!


Rev. Paul and I talked about “blessings.”  We identified that Scripture has many reference in which the blessing come from the greater to the lesser as the lesser was given the ability to have success.  God has blessed this ministry for which we are thankful.  There are also Scriptural references in which people (the lesser) bless the Lord (the greater) in recognition of receiving ability to have success, basically giving thanks and praise.  Rev. Paul stated, “In this way we bless the Lord, by using the blessings He has given us to continue the ministry. Our time, energy, work, donations, etc. are all ways to bless the Lord for all that He does for us.” 


God’s blessing to you,


Rev. Sam Wiseman

NEHLM Pastoral Advisor