You can make a difference. There are continual pressing needs for orphan and student sponsors, as well as donations to help with maintenance, food, teachers' salaries, health needs, etc.

NEHLM strives to send 100% of donations to the orphanage and school of Reverend Daniel Paul. 

Orphan Sponsorship 

For the monthly gift of $50, an orphan is provided with nutritious meals, housing, medical care, plus tuition for one month of school.  

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Student Sponsorship

For the monthly gift of $20, a student is provided with one month's tuition, some books,uniform fabric, school supplies, and a daily meal through Trinity/HOPE feeding program. 

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General Donations

Donate to general needs of the ministry. The needs of an orphanage and school in Haiti often are numerous and the priorities are ever-changing.  The Nord Est Haiti Lutheran Mission Board and Reverend Paul determine the priorities of pressing needs.  It is very helpful to have money that is not designated for a specific need.    Please feel free to contact us about current projects and priorities within the ministry.

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Liaison Support

Support the individual who serves as the liaison to the House of the Lambs of God Orphanage (MADO) in Haiti. The approximate costs for a year is $7000 living expenses and travel.  NEHLM and Rev. Daniel Paul look forward to the improved and expanded communication between MADO and NEHLM.  Visit biography page to learn more about the liaison.

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